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Thin White Duke

Unique Screen Prints - Hand Pulled

2018 Painting on OSB Board - Mixed media

Group show digital artwork. Saatchi Gallery, floor 2.

Sovereign Jubilation for a second class subject.

2012 Sculpture - Mixed Media

Group show Diamond Decades at Nunhead Cemetery

Innocence Lost

Abilene1975 artwork

Street Kids



After a trip to Brazil, I returned forever changed and exposed to the realisation that childhood poverty and deprivation existed at levels way beyond my comprehension. There was one thing I did recognise and found hauntingly familiar in the eyes of the street kids I saw and met: it was the loss of innocence.  


On returning home, I researched as much as I could. I came across the amazing work of CARF and the photos of Gregory John Smith, its founder. His images captured what I had recognised so well in the eyes of those children. I wanted to strip the photos back and accentuate the look. After many attempts, I believe I have managed to do just that.

A percentage profits raised from the reproduction of these images will be sent to CARF to assist them to help children survive the experience of living in poverty on the streets.

Neon Series 1

The Neon Series 2006


Created as a response to paternal bigotry and homophobia. I intentionally used photographic images initially perceived as slightly offensive. I wanted to strip away the literal, replacing it with a more ephemeral image that would be reconsidered in a different light. I was determined to have these images challenge their target audiences.

Neon Series 2

Street Art Photography


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