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A designer and self-taught artist and photographer born in London. Art for me was one of my earliest forms of escapism.  

The emergence of digital technology has revolutionized our world and nothing since the invention of

photography has influenced art practice so much. Photography revolutionized the arts by superseding

fine arts’ claim to represent the real.

Digital technology has now become the ultimate tool for capturing nuances of the unreal. Digital information

is all stored as binary as a series of Zeros and Ones, creating a dynamic arena in which an

image can be manipulated, morphed or made to disappear. This enables artists such as myself unprecedented

control over sensation and information to produce work that challenges our everyday perceptions

of colour, form, sound, space and time.

My work is inspired by nature, humanity and science. It aims to capture the forms created in our natural

and man-made environments. In a macro-scale, the societies in which we live and its various environments.

In the micro-scale, the fleeting interactions and long-term relationships we, as individuals,

create throughout our lives.

I like to capture moments of beauty in the unnoticed, unwanted and often disregarded objects, and the

materialities of public space.


I have always enjoyed creating. My first photo was taken on a polaroid instant camera when I was about the age of 5 (and I do specifically remember being told not to touch the camera) but the clunky button was just far too tempting and I don't need to say that awe and curiosity just took over. I remember pressing it and being blinded by the flash. A few seconds later, my picture started to appear like magic. Aged 13, I discovered Andy Warhol and Art. Warhol was the first artist whose work shook my foundations and opened my eyes to art. I simply fell in love with his work and the processes he used. Photography and printing became my obsession. Over the years I have found inspiration in many other artists' work such as Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Yayoi Kusama, Gee Vaucher, Ron Muek, Jenny Saville and Gavin Turk. I am inspired by our environment, the society we live in, and the relationships we create as human beings throughout life.


"True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us."

#streetart #urbangraffiti #graffiti #lisbon #lisboa #portugal #urbanphotography #blinkandyoullmissit


London, UK

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